• Joyce Byrd • Treasurer
  • Kaye Gains
  • Vincent Meadows
  • Dr. Robert Richardson
  • James W. Wade III
  • AB Walker

Board of Directors

The M. C. Chatman Center for Humanitarian Serives is governed by a board of directors. Each member of the board is elected to a specific term by the association members. We are serious about surrounding ourselves with smart, experienced people who can help us grow our business and improve our processes.

We seek to build and maintain a Board of Directors with a wide range of experiences, competencies and perspectives. And we look for people who are passionate about our current strategies, and can help us adapt them to our ever-changing markets and geographic and regulatory environments. Board members typically take lead responsibility to oversee and address various operational issues (e.g., maintenance, finances, security, Multi Music Fest.). In addition, Committees and Task Forces can be formed as necessary to address special topics.

Board Meetings

The Board meets 5 times a year. The Meeting Agenda lists agenda items in numerical order. Every effort will be made to adhere to that order. Occasionally, it may be necessary for the Board Chair to rearrange the sequence of an agenda item in order to provide a forum for maximum public participation. Please keep in mind that definite timelines are difficult, and in some cases impossible to predict in advance. Your understanding is appreciated.


Joyce Meadows

Board Chair


Marcella Caffie

Executive Director


Danny McElroy

Special Events Coordinator